Zebra Print Booties

Zebra print booties

Hand Made booties with bow attached. 

Elastic strap for snug fit!


  • Hand wash
  • Air dry


Cheetah print booties with bow

Cheetah Print booties with bow and jewelry

Hand made booties for the pretty little princess in your life! 


  • Hand wash
  • Air dry


Kente Baby outfit

Kente Baby Outfit

This out fit comes in two pieces.  A kente skirt and white top for your babies comfort.  100% cotton.


  • Machine Wash
  • Tumble Dry

Baby Shirt Turnt with Booties

I'm Turnt Baby Shirt with matching booties

Made with 100% Cotton. 


    • Hand Wash
    • Air Dry

Black Girl Magic Toddler dress with Matching headband

Black Girl Magic Toddler dress with Matching Headband

This dress is made with 100% Cotton.  Comes with matching headband.


    • Machine wash
    • Tumble Dry


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